As far back as I can remember, music has been a defining dimension of my life. Having fallen in love with the guitar as a young child, it has since been a continual, central source of joy, comfort, and solace to me. My training has included the study of music, audio engineering, and guitar construction theory and techniques.

I have spent a number of years first as a performer, and later as a recording engineer. Over the past several years I have worked to integrate these experiences into my work as a luthier.

As a guitar player of more than 35 years, I am particularly sensitive to the physical experience of the instrument, and the inspirational effect that that it can produce. The ease with which the guitar facilitates access to exciting tonal possibilities defines the relationship between the player and the guitar. It is the mystique of a successful connection of this sort that is behind my love for the art of lutherie, and that drives my pursuit of perfection.


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